Regardless of exceptional winters, Levi Ski Resort’s popular slopes are open


We are experiencing an exceptional winter in Lapland. In places, we have a great deal of snow. At the same time, the snow has not been so scarce on some of our slopes in the past 30 years. However, thanks to our extensive snowmaking capabilities, we are able to ensure that every winter Levi Ski Resort’s customers have a comprehensive selection of Lapland’s most popular slopes to choose from. We have already been able to open our best ones, and we are hoping to open also the rest of them soon.


What is not necessarily commonly known is that snow grooming always requires the slope to have an adequate amount of snow before the grooming can begin. If the snow cover is not adequate, the snow grooming machines may damage the surface of the fell. To prevent this and to protect our fell, we use the SnowSat system for measuring the amount of snow under the snow grooming machines. Thus, if there is not enough natural snow, grooming certain slopes that rely entirely on natural snow will not be possible.


This winter this means that we still have closed slopes in places that are not serviced by our snowmaking system. When we provide our services surrounded by the beautiful Lappish wilderness, the natural conditions may at times cause some restrictions on what is possible to achieve.


However, thanks to our extensive snowmaking capabilities, every winter season, Levi Ski Resort’s customers can rest assured that they will find our best and most well-known slopes open upon arrival, and our popular downhill adventures available! Levi Ski Resort’s popular slopes are open regardless of exceptional winters.

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