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New Fun Park at Front Slopes – easy and amusing!


Levi Ski Resorts' dashing selection of terrain parks has gotten a new addition recently. Front Slopes' brand new Fun Park is a great place to explore freestyle skiing because it fits skiers and snowboarders at multiple skill levels. So if you know how to turn and brake, head out to explore Fun Park!

Elements of the new Fun Park are made of snow and different shapes, that are fun to ski through. You don't need to be a so-called freestyle skier, to enjoy your time at Fun Park. Take a lift number two and get ready to have fun!

At the beginning of Fun Park, you'll see a curvy course with banked turns made out of snow. After that, the slope turns into different sizes of gentle rollers, which keep riding interesting. The rollers resemble jumps but don't include any take-offs. At the end of Fun Park, you can also find one small flat box, pvc pipe, and a mini jump, where you can train your freestyle tricks.

Once you master the basics of freestyle skiing at Fun Park, you may lead your way to the South Slopes to Junior South Park, or if you are already an experienced freeskier or snowboarder, you may also want to get to know the Levi South Park.

From Junior South Park you can find smaller jumps and easier rails and boxes. Junior South Park fits perfectly for beginners and smaller freeskiers. 

The biggest terrain park of Levi, Levi South Park, is almost one kilometer long which makes it possible to combine multiple jumps and rails on the same run. Altogether, South Park has 25–30 different obstacles depending on the current snow situation.

The easiest way of starting freestyle skiing is at Levi Ski School, where our professional instructors help you to get to know the sport and its various elements safely. Freestyle lessons are organized for skiers and snowboarders over 8-years-old. Do not hesitate to ask more from the ski school!

Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced freeskier or a snowboarder, please get to know the terrain park rules and all the obstacles beforehand and choose a terrain park suitable for your skill level. 

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