Levi Bike Fest & Levi Outdoor Fest: July 24th - 28th. Come and join us!


Levi Outdoor Fest 2019


Levi Outdoor Fest: A week full of fun

How would an active holiday sound like? Levi Outdoor Fest is suitable for families but also for sporty, adventurous people. The program includes various possibilities to try different sorts of sports and get into contests in an easy, approachable way. You can get a closer look in the possibilities of cycling, experience golf, or even find a new hobby you'll love! The focus of Levi Outdoor Fest is also to offer information and advice by clinics and guided trips.

You can compete for example in mountain biking in Ylläs-Levi MTB and Levi Midnight Enduro and enjoy and experience our Nordic nature by having daylight even during nights. Levi UP gives you the opportunity to challenge your lungs by running and rising to the front slope of Levi and in Levi Extreme Triathlon, you get to combine blockbusters triathlon and trail running. The event attracts triathletes to the ultimate test of endurance through Levi’s unique landscapes.

Levi Outdoor Fest offers you the best of summer experiences during the summer in Levi. There are no fees to visit the fest area, but with a fest pass you get to try all the activities, clinics, competitions and guided activity trips for free or discounted price.

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Levi Bike Fest 2019


Levi Bike Fest: A meeting place for cyclists

Levi Bike Fest has a lot to offer for people interested in cycling with a various program. Levi Bike Fest includes speed with Finland's most successful cyclist Matti Lehikoinen in downhill cycling. He will tell you the best downhill cycling and endury tips and also guide you on beginning this sport yourself.

You can compete in mountain biking in Ylläs-Levi MTB and Levi Midnight Enduro and enjoy our outstanding views. Because of the Enduro contest, Bike Park is closed till 4 pm on Saturday. You could still participate to it or come and experience it as a spectator.

At our Mini Pump Track by front slopes, you'll get to experience bikes, skates or scoots, or even competing in playful contests. There are also two BMX-bikes for adults and another two for children to try. There's also a possibility to relax in a bike-related movie night during Levi Bike Fest.

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Got interested? You still have time to join! For accommodations you can inquire us at levi@levi.fi or call +358 16 639 3300.

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